"Gitanerías" offers you a high energy, colourful flamenco show. The soulful singing and the wistful guitar solos alternate flawlessly and the public, ensnared by the dancer will not be able to resist the urge to cry "Olé!" The artists propose a traditional flamenco performance as one would see in the peñas (flamenco clubs) of Andalucía. This show presents a wide variety of flamenco palos including the poignant and melancholy soléa to the lighter, mischevious alegrías. The thundering footwork unites with the singer's jaleos (cheers) and the syncopated rhythms of the guitar to offer you an intense moment of sensuality and spirit.
Gitanerías is based in Bordeaux, France, but ever since it's founding in September 2015 the group has shared their passion with audiences worldwide (Morocco, Ecuador, France, Spain, Switzerland).

Alejandro Mendía - vocals
David Ceccarelli - guitar
Deborah "La Caramelita" - dance/vocals/percussion 


Last shows:
Chez Alriq - Bordeaux
Iboat - Bordeaux 
Festival Voyages en Guitare - Chinon (37)
Le Pietri - Rabat, Maroc
Tournée fêtes de Quito - Équateur
Golfe de Colony, soirée Rolex - Genève, Suisse