Penas  y Alegrías

Intertwining dance and music of flamenco "jondo" (deep song), this show represents the spectrum of life: a decomposition of emotions, from sorrow to joy. It is through her intense interpretation that Deborah "La Caramelita" awakens these feelings so familiar to flamenco. She is accompanied in Penas y Alegrías by esteemed flamenco artists Guilem Tarroux, Alex Carrasco and Alejandro Mendía.   After years of living in Andalucía it is in Bordeaux that these 4 artists converged and their desire to form a flamenco cuadro together took hold. This traditional flamenco cuadro occasionally invites a second singer and / or dancer for an even more breathtaking spectacle.

Alejandro Mendía - vocals
Guillermo Guillén - guitar
Alex Carrasco - cajon
Deborah "La Caramelita" - dance