Rotary Arts Centre - Kelowna, BC

Déjà passée
Date: 02/10/2019 19:00

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NRITYA, La Caramelita Flamenco Company's new production, explores the personal journey of Deborah La Caramelita Dawson as a South Asian flamenco dancer that spans three continents to illustrate the identity, authenticity, and equality of dance. It explores the bonds between Flamenco and India in a uniquely choreographed mosaic of movements that blends the influences born out of an Indian heritage, a Malaysian parentage and a Spanish tutelage.

"Drawn to the wilder, gypsy style of flamenco, I have often wondered how and if my background dictates the way I move as a flamenco dancer. As a first generation Canadian, born to Malaysian parents of South Indian descent, it was a struggle to find my identity. I stumbled upon flamenco in my early teens and soon found out that flamenco has some of its roots in India. It is a popular theory that the Gypsies, who have greatly contributed to the creation and culture of flamenco, came from Northern India to Andalucía. The idea that I had come full circle, studying an art form that shared the same background as my family, fuelled me to move to Spain,  the birthplace of flamenco."  Deborah Dawson