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Dilip Suman

Dilip Suman is a recognized expert in gambling and casino games in India. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of an influential online casino gaming resource in India. During his career, he has made significant contributions to the development of gambling in the country and helped spread awareness of safe and responsible gaming among Indian players.

Professional Path

Dilip Suman’s background has deep roots in the IT and gaming industry. He received a degree in Computer Science with outstanding achievements in data analysis and programming. During his career, he held senior positions in leading information companies, where he gained experience in the field of online technologies.

His interest in gambling and casino games began during his college years when he began to study the psychology of gaming and the effects of gaming on people. This fueled his desire to combine his expertise in information technology with his passion for casino gaming.

Contribution to the Development of Gambling in India

Dilip Suman is known for his great contribution to the development of gambling in India. As editor-in-chief and author of a number of authoritative information resources, he has become one of the leading voices in the field of casino gaming in the country.

His work is aimed at creating objective and authoritative sources of information for Indian players. It actively promotes safe and responsible gaming by raising awareness of the risks associated with gambling and providing guidance on how to control gambling.

Dilip Suman also contributes significantly to the development of the regulatory environment for gambling in India by working with government bodies and industry regulatory bodies.

With his expert vision and diligent work, Dilip Suman continues to be an important figure in the development of gambling in India and continues to raise the standards of safety and ethics in the industry.