Penas  y Alegrías

"Penas y Alegrías" is a passionate, high energy flamenco show. The singer's voice and the guitar solos follow one another and the audience, bewitched by the dancer, cannot resist the urge to clap their hands and shout Olé! Showcasing different flamenco "palos" or styles, "Penas y Alegrías" combines tradition with more modern sounds. The melancholic and poignant Soléa as well as the light and playful Alegría are some of the flamenco styles used in this production. The thunder of the heels unites with the jaleos and the syncopated rhythms of the guitar to offer you a moment of sensuality and passion. Rumbas are also mixed in towards the end to add even more energy to the show.
Since its creation in 2017 "Penas y Alegrías" has been performed in France and internationally.
This show is usually presented in the form of a cuadro (dancer, singer, guitarist, percussionist) but a second singer, dancer, and / or guitarist can be added if desired.