Thélonious Café Jazz Club - Bordeaux

À venir
Date: 15/06/2023 20:30

Award-winning flutist and bansuri player, Lara Wong and flamenco guitarist, Melón Jiménez, make flamenco their universal musical language to traverse musical territories. Their music ebbs and flows with elegance and emotion, perfectly fusing the soul of flamenco with the harmonic brilliance of jazz and the rhythmic improvisations of Indian music. The groundbreaking couple first met on stage in 2018 in the flamenco jazz capital of Madrid, and ever since then, they have continued to grace audiences worldwide.

Flute/Bansuri : Lara Wong
Guitar : Mélon Jiménez
Percusssions : Alex Carrasco
Dance : Deborah "La Caramelita"